Daniel A. Carter, Auctioneer 716-474-9244 Saturday, April 30, 2011 OUTSTANDING ON-SITE FARMHOUSE ANTIQUES AUCTION FILLMORE,NY April 30, 2011 OUTSTANDING COUNTRY FARMHOUSE ANTIQUES AUCTION   SATURDAY APRIL 30TH   10:01 AM   6552 Shongo Valley Rd   Caneadea, New York   Allegany County   The Nevingers would like to extend a public invitation to all on Sat. April 30th for this exciting auction of farmhouse fresh to market antiques to be sold. Watch for Daniel A. Carter Auction signs and equipment off RTE. 19 in Caneadea. LARGE ALL DAY AUCTION-items include: Large quantity country store advertising, soda fountain dispensers, national brass cash register(loli pop style) #313-1284873 (nice), old store paper cutters, rugby sweater adv. Light (rare), Putnam dye display, mello adv. Cardboard display, Philip Morris display, numerous adv. tins, enamelware, vintage  hats-shoes-clothing, hat boxes, rolling pin collection, old canning/fruit jars (lighting-Millview fruit) beater collection, cidar & jelly firkins, planters peanut, butter churns, country  store meat scales, Wisk brooms, Lionel Marx trains, collection water cans, pickle jar, Raphael’s 18 “The Sistine Madonna”, oak glass china cabinet (sharp), Kendall motor oil can, cigar mold, John Burger Rosa Bonheur prints-“The Stag” signed 1878-Drifting evening Etching by utensils, beautiful oak ice box, cast iron molds, Amber fruit stain glass window, perfume bottles, vintage toys, black samboo, German beer mugs, Childs washing machine, child’s toy airplane,vict. toys, pimo stools, flax winder wheels, oak Columbia phonograph with horn, R.R./barn lanterns, 6 board chest. Comments from the Auction Block: This is a very unique country farmhouse setting with tons of great country smalls and collectibles. The Neuingers have been avid long time collectors for years-with many discoveries to be unearthed. We will keep posting pictures as we discover more items. TERMS: cash/check/credit card-premium sale, removal sale day only. Large all day auction. Luncheon/snacks-comfort facilities on site- Carter gallery tents set if needed-bring you chairs. OWNERS: Mr. & Mrs. Gary Nevinger DANIEL A. CARTER   AUCTIONS*****APPRAISALS   716-372-2059     716-372-5059